Dutch Crypto Startup Founder Busted

The Central Bank of Tunisia has denied rumors about the issue of its own digital currency (“e-dinar” or CBDC) based on the development of the Russian blockchain platform Universa.

According to the press release, the regulator is really exploring the possibilities of the digital economy and, in particular, issuing its own digital currency. No concrete decision was made on this issue.

The Central Bank of Tunisia emphasizes that they did not enter into relations with any domestic or foreign provider in order to create any digital currency.

The Central Bank recalled that only its official representatives have the right to speak on their behalf.

Note that on the eve of a number of media outlets disseminated information that the Tunisian regulator allegedly began to transfer its national currency to the blockchain platform of the Russian ICO startup Universa. Thanks to this, Tunisian citizens will allegedly be able to exchange fiat for electronic dinars.

In addition, according to popular information, Universa will have to receive a percentage of all transactions carried out using the “e-dinar”, while all records will be open to the central bank of the country for control. It was also reported that the “e-dinar” would be owned by the state and provided with paper money.