FreeBSD 12.1 to be Released

Red Hat has released the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 distribution. Installation builds are prepared for the x86_64, s390x (IBM System z), ppc64le, and Aarch64 architectures, but are available for download only to registered Red Hat Customer Portal users. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 rpm packages are distributed through the CentOS Git repository. The RHEL 8.x branch will be supported until at least 2029.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 was the first release prepared in accordance with a new predictable development cycle, which implies the formation of releases every six months at a predetermined time. Existence of accurate information about the time of publication of a new release allows you to synchronize the development schedules of various projects, prepare in advance for a new release and schedule the time for applying updates.

It is noted that the new life cycle of RHEL products covers several levels, including Fedora as a bridgehead for the implementation of new features, CentOS Stream for access to packages formed for the next intermediate release of RHEL (rolling version of RHEL), a minimalistic universal base image (UBI, Universal Base Image ) to run applications in isolated containers and RHEL Developer Subscription for free use of RHEL in the development process.

Get more info at the release notes and the official website.