Frontend News Digest 7- 13.12

11.12.2019 at the Node+JS Interactive event in Monreal, it was announced by the OpenJS Foundation that they accepted Electron.js framework to its incubation program. This is reported by the Packtpub.

The OpenJS Foundation provides support for sustained growth and development within the open source JavaScript community. It is supported by 30 member,s including Google, Microsoft and IBM.

Electron is an open source framework desgined for creating desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, it is based on Node.js and Chromium. Additionally, Electron is widely used on many well-known applications including Discord, Microsoft Teams, OpenFin, Skype, Slack, Trello, Visual Studio Code, etc.

We’re heading into 2020 excited and honored by the trust the Electron project leaders have shown through this significant contribution to the new OpenJS Foundation. Electron is a powerful development tool used by some of the most well-known companies and applications. On behalf of the community, I look forward to working with Electron and seeing the amazing contributions they will make.

Robin Ginn

Executive Director, OpenJS Foundation

According to the report, the fact that Electron “went to” the OpenJS Foundation does not change how Electron is made, released, or used — and does not directly affect developers building applications with Electron. The Electron team believes that having multiple organizations and developers investing in and collaborating on Electron makes the project stronger.

Experts believe moving Electron into a neutral foundation focused on supporting the web and JavaScript ecosystem is a natural next step as they mature in the open-source ecosystem.