Git 2.26 to be Released

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here’s new Ruby news digest.

Learn how to perform spring cleaning for your database, build a location-aware WhatsApp weather bot with Ruby, Sinatra and Twilio, about fallacies of distributed computing for Ruby developers and about more interesting things.


  • Improving Dev Experience with Overmind

Learn what’s Overmind and how it really may improve your coding experience

  • Spring Cleaning

Spring is time to clean not only your yard, but your database too

  • Ruby 2.7 adds Enumerator::Lazy#eager

Check new feature in Ruby 2.7

  • Build a location-aware WhatsApp weather bot with Ruby, Sinatra and Twilio

Detailed guide on developing of the “smart” bot for popular messenger

  • Facade Pattern in Rails for Performance and Maintainability

With the help of this pattern, author tested his code more thoroughly, cleaned out controllers and reduced login within the view, so it may be interesting for you

  • Fallacies of distributed computing for Ruby developers

Learn about some common mistakes Ruby devs make when work with distributed computing and how they avoid it

  • Dig’gin through hashes and arrays in Ruby

This tutorial-recommendation can become really handy for using dig method in a correct way


  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Averages: Perc50, Perc95 explained for Programmers

This material talks about metrics in programming, how they work, how they lie and how to use them

  • Remote Tools and Tips in These Remote Times

Some pieces of advised for Ruby devs that works from home at the moment (I believe, the most do so)


  • RR 452: The History and Personalities of Ruby with Chris O’Sullivan

Talk of Charles Max Wood (host and developer) and Dave Kimura (host, screencaster at Drigting Ruby and developer) with Chris O’Sullivan (developer from London) about the those who’s behind the Ruby language