Low Tier Exchange to Make 71% of Volume, – Research

The share of exchanges with a high reliability rating in the total volume of cryptocurrency trading in September amounted to only 21%.

The share of high-rated exchanges in the total trading volume ($ 489 billion) for September amounted to:

  • AA – 3% ($ 14.87 billion);
  • A – 14.3% ($ 71.98 billion);
  • B – 4.7% ($ 23.86 billion).

The greatest activity was provided by D-E class exchanges with 71% ($ 347.2 billion).

According to CryptoCompare, this is what the top three looks like:

  1. BitMax (rating D) – $ 28 billion;
  2. ZB (E) – $ 26.9 billion;
  3. Binance (A) – $ 26.19 billion

Among cryptocurrency exchanges, the largest trading volume for September was recorded on South Korean Bithumb (A) – $ 17.7 billion.

At the same time, in the same month, the trading volume on the floors of classes AA, A and B (according to the Exchange Benchmark rating system) decreased by 15%, and on platforms with C-F ratings – by 29.7%.

The average transaction size on low-rated sites exceeded the performance of high-class exchanges.

Earlier specialists at Bitwise Asset Management came to the conclusion that 95% of the trading volume on unregulated bitcoin exchanges is fake. After some time, they noted signs of market recovery.