OKEx to Lauch Earn

OKEx Exchange on Tuesday announced the launch of the Earn service. It is a single interface that combines all the possibilities of passive earnings on the exchange. Earn covers two main areas of passive earnings: staking and landing.

In the first case, the user provides assets to the OKEx staking pool and receives a percentage of the exchange performing the validator function in the supported networks. For staking at the time of publication, OKEx offers 8 assets, including Tezos, Cosmos and DAI.

In the second case, the user provides assets to finance the margin positions of other customers and earns on the commissions they pay. To date, OKEx offers 32 assets for landing, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and USDT.

In addition, deposits for a stake with a fixed term of one to three months were added to the platform, which OKEx will “credit to an account with a financial institution to receive passive income”.

Another function of Earn is a one-time transfer of assets from multiple user accounts to one account for staking or landing.