OpenBSD Versions Control System to be Developed

Stefan Sperling (stsp @), a ten-year-old OpenBSD project participant, and one of Apache Subversion’s main developers, is developing a new version control system called “Game of Trees” (got). When creating a new system, priority is given to the simplicity of the device and ease of use, rather than flexibility. Got is still under development; it is developed exclusively on OpenBSD and its target audience is the OpenBSD developers. The code is distributed under a free ISC license (equivalent to a simplified BSD and MIT license).

Got uses git repositories to store versioned data. Currently, only local version control operations are supported. At the same time, git can be used for any functionality that is not yet implemented in got – it will always be possible to work with got and git in one repository.

The main current goal of the project is to work with OpenBSD developers who want to regularly use got to work on OpenBSD, and improve version control operations based on feedback received from them.

You can get information on project’s goals at official website.