Python 2.7.17 to be Released

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here’s new Frontend news digest.

Biggest news in Python world this week is a realse of the Python 3.8. Also, beginners will be able to get familiar with meta-programming and Emacs editor, new Django version and other things are enlighten too.


  • Meta-Programming in Python

Small, but full-fledged guide about decorators and meta-classes

  • Emacs: The Best Python Editor?

Guide for a started on the popular Python editor

  • How to Read SAS Files in Python With Pandas

With this guide, you will learn how to read SAS (.sas7bdat) files in Python, and how to write a SAS file to CSV using Pandas and pyreadstat.


  • Cool New Features in Python 3.8

Learn about some of the biggest changes in the new language update.

  • Thousands of Scientific Papers May Be Invalid Due to Misunderstanding Python

It was assumed that glob.glob() returns a sorted list of files, but it doesn’t; this led to huge amount of issues in several published scientific paper

  • Binning Data With Pandas qcut And cut

This post explains the differences between the two commands and when and how to use each.

  • Top Three Mistakes With K-Means Clustering During Data Analysis

Close look on 3 cases where KMC algorithm does not perform well or may produce unintuitive results


  • Python 3.8.0 Released

New release contains assignment expressions, positional-only arguments and more.

  • Django 3.0 beta 1 released

Another update of the popular Python framework.

  • PyPy V7.2 Released

A new rease of Python implementation on Python (C, like original one) brings lot of new features, such as ARM aarch64 support, new JSON decoder, sandboxing makes a return, etc