Ruby/RoR News Digest 25 – 31.01

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here’s new Ruby news digest.

Learn how to perform concurrent HTTP requests in Ruby and Rails, check a guide to NPM version constraints for Rubyists, see the video how to use Uppy with ActiveStorage and check other interesting materials


  • Optimization Techniques by Benchmark Winners

Tutorial, based on the Sequel and Roda gems extracted from Jeremy Evans’ Ruby Kaigi talk, which will teach you some optimization tips and hints

  • How to Perform Concurrent HTTP Requests in Ruby and Rails

Another concurrency related guide, that will show you have make it safer in an easy way

  • A Rubyist’s Introduction to Character Encoding, Unicode and UTF-8

A big and solid guide on encodings, which starts with the history of encoding, how it works and show you have it can be used with Ruby

  • A guide to NPM version constraints for Rubyists

A tutorial to NPM version constraints for dependencies declared in the package.json file of any Rails project

  • Working with tempfiles

Learn when and how you can use this Ruby’s standard library 

  • Wrangling slow reports, large file exports, and long-running tasks in Rails with ActiveJob

Sometimes if you need to generate large file exports or run reports that are just slow to build, pushing them to a background job makes sense.

This blog is called Boring Rails, so, maybe it’s worth checking whether it’s really so?


  • How to use Uppy with ActiveStorage


Popular code coverage analysis tool for Ruby

A Ruby wrapper to Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0

  • ActiveInteractor

This is an implementation of the command pattern for Ruby with ActiveModel::Validations inspired by the interactor gem