Ruby/RoR News Digest 7- 13.12

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here’s new Ruby news digest.

Learn how to how to set up an RDS database for Rails on EC2, report of the Ruby concurency discussion with Matz and Koichi, learn what GitHub does when security alert comes up and other interesting things await readers of this digest.


  • Decimating deprecated finders

If were sitting on upgrades of your Rails 5 (and earlier) apps and you have a bunch of old-style finders, then Synvert can help with all its parser-y goodness

  • Nested API parameter validation in Rails with ActiveModel::Validations

This approach is much easier to understand than some previous (PRMD, pliny, etc.) so maybe worth checking

  • Working Around ActiveRecord Callbacks

A strategy to get things done when excessive ActiveRecord callbacks are the obstacles

  • Rails 6 adds ability to block writes to a database

Tiny guide on another function, added in the Rails 6.

  • How to set up an RDS database for Rails on EC2

Last part of the series of guides on how to deploy a Ruby on Rails application to AWS.


  • Ruby Concurrency Progress Report

 The results of a discussion with Matz and Koichi about concurrency in Ruby 3; check to learn more about topics and approaches of this theme

  • Behind the scenes: GitHub security alerts

Learn what one of largests Ruby-based companies in the world doing when they have a security alert.


  • Solidus with Alessandro Desantis 

Discussion of Solidus is an open source e-commerce system built with Rails


  • Win32::Screenshot

Take screens on Windows with Ruby

Administator’s framework for Rails 4