Tizen Studio 3.6 to be Released

The release of the Tizen Studio 3.6 development environment is available, replacing the Tizen SDK and providing a set of tools for creating, building, debugging, and profiling mobile applications using the Tizen Web API and Native API. The environment is based on the latest release of the Eclipse platform, has a modular architecture and allows you to install only the necessary functionality at the installation stage or through a special package manager.

Tizen Studio includes a set of emulators of devices based on Tizen (emulator of a smartphone, TV, smartwatch), a set of training examples, tools for developing applications in C / C ++ and using web technologies, components to provide support for new platforms, system applications and drivers, utilities for building applications for Tizen RT (a Tizen version based on the RTOS kernel), tools for creating applications for smart watches and TVs.

Key updates:

  • 5.5 Platform images have been updated.
  • Support for the type property for wrt service applications has been provided.

Get more info at the official website